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I am not good at Blogging, and you probably have already noticed, but I love to share my Family with all who are interested in hearing what is going on in our lives! Some may bore you, hopefully some will make you laugh! My intention is to provide a ray of sunshine in your lives by sharing all the SUNSHINE that is in MY life! So, enjoy and if you have suggestions for a better blog, by all means, suggest away!! Love you all, Noma and her FAMILY NEWS

Friday, January 21, 2011

Laura Rose!!

Dennis, Sr. and I watch Laura every day while her Mom and Dad work and she is such a fun, beautiful little girl!! She is always saying funny things as well as Aiden and Chase...well, ALL of them!! lol One day last week, Laura came in a TUTU and it was ripped, the tulle was off on several places! Laura asked me if I could fix it and I said of course!! So I got my sewing maching out and was getting ready to fix it and Laura said: "My Dad doesn't know how to 'soar', and I said "SEW?", and she said: "SO WHAT?"...'Grandfather' and I laughed and laughed!! Every day spent with our Grandchildren is so PRECIOUS and PRICELESS to us!!!


Shannon Dooley said...

I have been waiting for an update from you! What a cute story!

Noma said...

How are you doing my GORGEOUS Niece, Shannon?? It sure would be nice to see you and your cute little family!! Miss you and LOVE you!!