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I am not good at Blogging, and you probably have already noticed, but I love to share my Family with all who are interested in hearing what is going on in our lives! Some may bore you, hopefully some will make you laugh! My intention is to provide a ray of sunshine in your lives by sharing all the SUNSHINE that is in MY life! So, enjoy and if you have suggestions for a better blog, by all means, suggest away!! Love you all, Noma and her FAMILY NEWS

Friday, January 21, 2011

Laura Rose!!

Dennis, Sr. and I watch Laura every day while her Mom and Dad work and she is such a fun, beautiful little girl!! She is always saying funny things as well as Aiden and Chase...well, ALL of them!! lol One day last week, Laura came in a TUTU and it was ripped, the tulle was off on several places! Laura asked me if I could fix it and I said of course!! So I got my sewing maching out and was getting ready to fix it and Laura said: "My Dad doesn't know how to 'soar', and I said "SEW?", and she said: "SO WHAT?"...'Grandfather' and I laughed and laughed!! Every day spent with our Grandchildren is so PRECIOUS and PRICELESS to us!!!


The thing that is the most fun that I haven't told you about are our names in our family!! WHO: Dennis, SR.; WHOM or LOVE: Noma; WHAT: Staci; WHATEVER: Mike; BY THE WAY: Cindi; Somebody ELSE: Dee Dee; NOBODY: Amber; NOBODY ELSE: Jimmy; SOMEBODY:Dennis, Jr.; SOMEONE: Elizabeth; ANYBODY: Marc; ANYONE: Leilani; YOU: Chris and ME: Michelle. If I am leaving any person out, I APOOLIGIZE!!! We lived in Alaska and one day Dennis, Sr. came home from work and said: "Somebody needs to do the dishes...Dennis, Jr. got up and went and did the dishes"...hence: SOMEBODY!! The next day Amber said: "WHO left their dishes on the table? Dennis, Sr. got up and said he had so he became "WHO"!! So began the names that bring a LOT of LAUGHTER and difficulty carrying on a conversation!! If there is a conversation going on and you almost always use the names in a conversation, it gets quite funny!! You find a mess in the house and you say: "WHO made this mess?" and my husband says: "NO, I didn't make the mess!!" Or you say: "NOBODY did the dishes" and Amber says, well, thanks for giving "ME" the credit, but I didn't do them"...then Chris says they did give "ME" the credit cuz I DID do them!! It is impossible to have a normal conversation in our home, we always use the names wrong and if our kids are here they bring up the fact that we aren't using the words correctly!! I have said: "I LOVE YOU" to one of them and they say: "OK, I know YOU love CHRIS, but do YOU love me??" So then I said: "Chris probably does love himself, he is supposed to and I am sure he loves his brother, Dennis, Jr.!!" See how it is hard to have a normal conversation?? LOL LOL I LOVE MY FAMILY!! Just sooooooooooo much fun!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Grandchild!!

We have been waiting to hear from Marc to tell us their baby girl was coming to join Charly and Kavika and love being in this family!! Well, April 15, 2010, Marc texted me and told me they were at the hospital and they were having a baby that morning!! We were all excite and Dennis and I had planned to get our things together as soon as we heard because we had planned on going to Ozark, MO to help Marc and Leilani with Charly and Kavika and then help Leilani when she came home from the hospital! Well, then we received a phone call saying that Leilani had to have a C-Section!! WOW!! What a surprise...poor Leilani...!! A little while later Marc called to tell us we had a new Granddaughter and she weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz. and was 19 in. long!! Both Leilani and Sariah Tinei were both doing great!! Dennis and I got things ready and left for MO on Saturday! We arrived at 2:30 am and saw our new Sariah and she is BEAUTIFUL!! Leilani looked as Gorgeous as ever even after having a baby and a C-Section to boot!! We visited with Marc and Leilani for a while then we went to bed at 3:00am. I told Marc to let Charly and Kavika wake us up if they got up before us!! Well Charly came running into the room and was so excited to see Grandfather and Grandma had made it!! Of course Grandma had 'surprises for everyone!! Kavika was happy to see us also!! We chatted with them on the computer with the webcam so he knew who we were!! We had a wonderful time at their home and enjoyed our Grandchildren so much!! OH...and Sariah Tinei is #20 Grandchild for us!!! It was so hard to leave to come back home...goodbye's are always hard for me!! However we do have Grandchildren in Colorado Springs to come home to...now, we need to go to Friendswood, TX to see our Grandchildren there!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


We were not able to attend our Joshua's Graduation from Basic Training in the Air Force, but we were kept up to speed with messages and pictures from Staci which we really appreciate!! We are so proud of our Joshua and his accomplishments with the Air Force so far!! He has done very well and will now be going on for more training at Egland Air Force Base in Florida and we wish him the best of luck in all he does with his new adventure in the Air Force!!

We were able to attend Aiden and Chase's Soccer Game at 9:00am Saturday, April 8, 2010, they did a great job on their team!! It is fun to watch their games!! Then we went to Luke's Flag Football games at 10:00 and 11:00 and that Luke is a fast boy!! He is a great football player, he is able to get those Flags so easily!! Then we were at 2 Soccer games, yes, this was ALL in the same day!! Playing Soccer these 2 games were: Luke, Laura, Aiden, Chase and Adalee, we had so much fun watching them, they were all really great and did really well. Chase, Aiden and Luke were able to score some goals, Lillyan and Laura did really well, they might not have scored a goal but they were hustling around the field like crazy and tried really hard to score a goal!! It is so much fun to watch our Grandchildren playing Sports and I can't imagine not being able to go and watch them!! We also go to Dennis and Betsy's Softball games...they are very good at hitting the ball, catching the ball and being fun to watch!! Dennis is good at getting Home Runs and we love going to their games also!! Wish we could be around our other Grandkids and kids to watch them at their activities that they do, and live closer to all of them that live in a land, far, far away!!
Sorry I am not very good at this blogging thing...it is probably boring but I just am not up with technology in changing the lay outs and stuff, don't know how to put music in here either...I will try to make it more interesting...wish me luck!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Nephew, Jesse!!

I was in Wyoming all last week and my Sister, Betty isn't doing very well, healthwise! Very sad!

While I was there, my Sister, Jeannie, her Grandson, Jesse and I were going to some stores and everytime Jesse would say: "I want...I want...I want...". We went to Lander one day and had his Mother with us and we went to a restaurant to eat! Jeannie told Tina: "I have a new name for Jesse...I want, I want cuz everytime we go into a store he wants something and he says I want, I want..." and Jesse immediatly said: "yeah...didn't get...didn't get"!!

We were also going to our other Sister, Kays to see her 'Critter Garden', lots of animal statues. On the way, Jesse said: " I wonder if she has a Rascal?" I said: "Jesse, what is a Rascal?" He didn't answer me, so I repeated it..."Jesse, what is a Rascal?" He said: "Just because that is my favorite doesn't mean I have to know what it is"!! lol lol He is a riot!! Art Linkletter hit the nail on the head when he said: "Kids say the darndest things!!" later...love ya!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trip to Friendswood, Texas

Dennis and I were able to go to Friendswood, Texas with Cindi, Karam, Aiden and Chase to attend Cooper's Baptism! We had a wonderful time with them and the Baptism was awesome!! Cooper is such a wonderful 8 year old and we are very blessed to have him in our lives!! We got to be there for a Birthday celebration for him and he had a Jumping Castle with water running in it and the kids had a great time and that night some of the adults had fun in the Castle!! We went to Galveston and went on a Ferry to an Island and had fun on the Ferry, we got to see Dolphins swimming and we had a great time!! Then we got to go put our feet in the ocean for a few minutes before we had to go take Jessica to work!! We always have an AWESOME time when we go to Friendswood to see Dee Dee, Todd,Jordyn, Elli and Cooper, Amber, Jimmy and Jessica!! It was very hot and humid there but we still enjoyed being with our family that we don't get to see very often!! Thanks, Cindi and Karam for allowing us to go with you to TX!!

My trip in Wyoming!

My sister, Jeannie and I and her Grandson, Jesse 6 years old, were going shopping and went into more than one store and he was ALWAYS saying? "I want" this and "I want that"...Then, Jeannie, Jesse, Tina(his Mom) and I were at a restaurant and Jeannie was telling Tina that he had a new name: "I WANT" and she told her why...and without hesitation at all, Jesse said: "didn't get...didn't get"...we were laughing so hard, it was really funny!! My sister, Betty isn't doing all that well, but she did get out of the hospital and looks better...she still can't walk though, they never have decided why!! Bye til later!!